Today I speak calmly and I walk slow

'Cause I used to rush to plant seeds of love in lands it couldn’t grow.

I carry this smile on my face

'Cause I've cried too much

But now, when I close my eyes there is grace

And when I open my heart there is space.

Today I feel stronger and happier

‘Cause love is the way and telling the truth a game I live to play

But I also know how little I know

I know enough to practice what I believe

Enough to sleep in peace and wake up whole

Enough to know when to just let go

We need love for a true life

We need divine confidence to be funny

Nature doesn’t thrive because of money

I think to understand life is a matter of courage

To feel safe is a matter of trust

To trust is a matter of the heart.

We come and we go

We laugh and we cry

The choice is not always a choice

But to walk slow and to meet our destiny

Takes listening to the inner voice…

... The voice of our hearts.

By Valeria Teles