Before I go on into the updates, once again, thank you all who have supported the Fit for Joy project: my family, friends, and Facebook supporters. 


MAY  2018

The new book launch date is August 30, 2018.   


MARCH 2018

The book is being published by Rowe Publishing. Thank you Sherri Rowe for believing in me and my message. We expect the book release month to be June 2018. 



While preparing the manuscript for self-publishing, I came across a literary agent. He kindly introduced my work to some publishers, one of which showed strong interest, however, the manuscript wasn't ready. From this introduction, the possibility to publish Fit for Joy traditionally became substantial.

Thank you Michael Ebeling!

At this time, the manuscript is being revised to comply with traditional publishing standards. It could take six months to a year (or longer,) for publication.

Some weeks back, I personally contacted all of you by email and text message with this update. Let me know if you didn't receive it.

 Please contact me at if you have any questions.

I profoundly appreciate your understanding and patience.

It's very important to me that you receive a meaningful and well-written book!

I'll keep you posted throughout the publishing process.


Much love,




Below will find the details on how the funds received through Indiegogo and Kickstarter were spent. I also have all copies of paid invoices for each service here described.


Total funds received from both campaigns: $1,762.00 



  • Copyediting by Scribendi: $1,142.21

  • Developmental editing by Kyra Hearn: $750.

  • Drawings by Ann Procacci: $400.

  • Book cover by Forde Technologies: $290. 

  • Proofread by Laura Kenney (editor): $200.

  • Drawings' photography by Jaidev Alvarez: $190.

TOTAL SPENT: $2,972.21

(Yes, much more was needed to complete the manuscript, but we did it!)  :)


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