To be healthy is to be loving!

How can we turn our exercise experience into a joyful and meaninful adventure?  

The Fit for Joy vision challenges us to embody the "true" meaning of health in all areas of our lives. It's about body-mind-spirit awareness and practice. 

It's about kindness and wellness. It's about awareness and self-discovery.

The gatherings are designed to nurture your body's health through exercise and diet, to cultivate moments of peace through mindful meditation, to motivate and inspire you to be happy through listening to your own heart. 

We sing along, we dance, we have meaningful conversations.     

We come together to practice the art of living a happier, kinder and healthier life.

Fit for Joy is about being true to our hearts to create inner and outer peace.





Part I


Let Your Heart Feel the Beat  - Stay Present

Music is playing. You walk into a space with strangers or people you don't well. Now, introduce yourself without words. Be yourself. Allow your body to genuinely feel and respond to the environment.

The Fit for Joy experience begins! 

Duration: 5-10 minutes



Part II

What is to be Fit for Joy?

A brief opening talk about the integration of conventional fitness, wellbeing and spirituality. 

These ideas and concepts are published here on the Fit for Joy website, blog, social media, magazines and book. 

Duration: 5 minutes



Part III

Warm up and Training

 A dynamic warm up followed by a full-body, conditioning circuit workout

Participants respect their own rhythm and capabilities through a series of exercises while moving with good form. 

Duration: 30 minutes (repeat exercises ''till music stops)

Circuit Sample:

20 Jumping jacks 

5 Plank holds - (as long as you can)

5 Low Boat Pose  - (hold each pose as long as you can)

20 Mountain climbers

20 Around the world lunges (front / back and side lunges)

15 Push ups

20 Air squats

20 Glute Bridges

10 Triceps dips

40 Skaters 

10 Walkouts

(Workout feature energizing Brazilian music, among others.)


Part IV

A Healthy Conversation over a Healthy Snack

Ask question, clear your doubts

Discussion about fitness, wellbeing, spirituality and diet. 

Vegetarian and vegan snacks served

Duration: 30 minutes



Part V

Listening to your Heart

Guided Meditation: "To be healthy is to be loving."

Duration: 5 minutes


** This event is suited for people at any age and at all levels of fitness. 



“It matters that you open your heart, quiet your mind and contribute love in the world."