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The Wellness Center Project

The center is a project connected with the Fit for Joy book and philosophy.

This is space devoted to the physical, emotional and spiritual health. It espouses fitness, healthy eating, spiritual practices (Buddha's teachings), mindfulness, meaningful creative works, ideas and training.

A place designed to remind us that JOY is an ever-present choice, regardless of what we've been through in life.



 Train Your Body

Strength Training and Conditioning  

Strong Body - Healthy Heart

Strengthening the body can be a path for physical and spiritual transformation.


Tai Chi

Meditational Movement - Natural Feeling

The union of body and mind in a dance of stillness. A reminder of who you really are while moving to life's melody that plays within you.



Flexible Body - Flowing Breathing

A moment of contemplation in motion. The balance and preparation of body and mind to celebrate and express outwardly with grace your heart’s highest purpose.



Enjoy Healthy Meals

Learn how to eat healthily and prepare delicious, simple vegan meals while listening to heart soothing music or having a warm conversation. You will participate in the process of preparation of meals from start to finish, then enjoy them for a small contribution.

Nourished Body - Vitalized the Mind

Healthy meals and informal nutrition education. A space to delight your body with organic meals, snacks and drinks and learn how to make them.  


Feed Your Mind and Heart

Engage in meaningful readings and conversations, listen to talks about the matters of the heart, write your own story or create art that reflects what your soul desires to express. Feel inspired in a library and bookstore that only carries materials to inspire the heart to open up to life and be joyful. 

Bookstore and Library

Loving Art - Living Dream

A selection of books with stories and ideas to inspire your heart to express itself in the most pure and true way.

Talks and Gatherings

Meaningful Conversations – Wise Ideas

Meetings and lectures dedicated to the art of living from the heart. Insightful discussions that can bring awareness and solutions to various areas of life and daily challenges.


Quiet Your Mind

 Practice to quiet the mind so the heart can be heard.


Clear Mind - Happy Life

A peaceful look within. Concentrate, breathe, feel the the joy and peace you've been missing!