Tai Chi Ch'uan (T'ai Chi) is a ancient Chinese slow-moving exercise, a meditative art which promotes overall health. It is known to improve mental concentration, body relaxation and can promote spiritual awareness. Although often overlooked, it is considered a Kung Fu System, as the forms have self-defense applications "hidden" within the postures and movements. The graceful dance like routines increase body strength, flexibility, balance, circulation and muscular coordination. The sometimes challenging transitions from posture to posture activate meridians in the nervous system thus improving our breathing, quality of digestion, mental and emotional balance and creates a general sense of well-being. T'ai Chi  simply is a method of promoting physical, mental and emotional wellness by gently exercising the mind body and spirit simultaneously. Loose fitting clothing and sneakers are recommended. 


"If the eye never sleeps, 
all dreams will naturally cease. 
If the mind makes no discriminations, 
the ten thousand things are as they are, 
of single essence." 

- The Third Patriarch of Zen