A personal trainer in New York has a different way of conducting her training sessions.

She starts by asking a unique question to each one of her clients.

They always answer it, but not the way she expects them to…

- Good morning James!

- Are you fit for joy? – she says

James rushes to the floor and performs 40 pushups… with a clap.

The trainer is impressed, but she wonders why the answer is pushups. 

- Good afternoon Rose!

- Are you fit for joy?

Rose jumps on the treadmill and runs as fast as she can ….for 30 minutes.

Wow. The trainer is very impressed, but she wonders why the answer is running.

- Good evening Mr. Sanchez!

- Are you fit for joy?

Mr. Sanchez quickly performs 20 bodyweight squats and a squat hold for two minutes.

He is a 77-year-old man. This is stunning to the trainer.

She is making good money.

Her job is easier this way.

Her clients are losing weight and getting in shape … but she is becoming more and more intrigued.

She keeps asking them the FIT FOR JOY question, but they start moving to answer it.

One day, when she gets home, goes straight to her room, in front of the mirror she asks herself:

- Am I fit for joy?

Before she even finishes the question, she is on the floor doing burpees, non-stop.

After that she is exhausted, but also very reflective.

She goes to sleep.

The next day, she wakes up questioning the situation:


To find out the answer for her question, she starts an experiment…


by Valeria K. Teles