Where I come from in Brazil, an attractive body is worshipped as if it were a god. I was not only taught to strive for physical beauty, but also to be obedient, to serve and to smile. It took years of inner conflict for me to accept my imperfect body and find my way back to the intuitive faith in my heart. This heart had always known my true identity as a spiritual being, even though my rational mind could not accept that as truth. You might know well what I am talking about.

This was the main reason I pursued a fit and healthy body pretty much all my life. To this day, daily exercise is still something my mind craves. What I do, then, is integrate exercise for the body with food for the soul! Every experience can become spiritual when we have the intention to be loving and kind. 

Yes, we can enjoy our fit bodies as long as we know that the true happiness only comes from our own hearts! 

Much love!