When you’ve found joy in your own heart, you’ll have a much different experience when exercising. There should be a body and mind connection where you are in the moment; there is enjoyment, no fear, or less concern with your physical health; you are simply respecting the natural law of cause and effect; satisfaction before, during, and after your exercise sessions; you feel anxiety-free about your next workout.

 Exercise is a great habit to cultivate, but should not be an obsession. There should be no expectation to get specific results apart from improving your overall health. There should be no guilt when you don’t exercise. The main motivation is to live longer and be physically healthy so you can do more of the spiritual work on yourself and help others to do the same.

My advice is that you find your own unique way to connect with that deep feeling of love while moving your body.

Much love! 


To be healthy is to be loving.