Below you will find a sample of the diet I used to be on for about two years before I competed with WBFF – World Beauty Fitness and Fashion. This dietary system combined with weight lifting can be of great help for losing weight, staying in shape, building muscle and strength, but as I have mentioned throughout my Fit for Joy book, this type of regiment mainly focuses on the physical body, which is only one aspect of our being. We are so much more than just our bodies! The approach to fitness that works the body in isolation from the mind and our spiritual hearts is not what I do today, professionally or personally. My work at the moment is about integrating conventional physical fitness with spirituality.

These meal suggestions are only to illustrate what my personal journey was like. They are not approved meal-plan recommendations.

- BREAKFAST Option One

8 oz cold water with a probiotic supplement

1 tablespoon matcha green tea + ½ lemon

7 walnuts

1-2 whole eggs


1 salmon filet oven roasted with coconut oil

5-10 walnuts

Steamed Kale

- BREAKFAST Option Three

Steel-cut oats – almond milk – berries

Green tea



Any lean meat of your choice: white fish (sole, cod, flounder, or halibut), grass-fed red meat, tuna fish, wild salmon, chicken breast, turkey breast, sardines in water.

Eat with steamed veggies or a green salad from the list.

Avoid sauces; instead use olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and avocado oil for salad dressing.

Snack - Best Options

1 tablespoon spirulina shake with ½ oz. frozen organic berries and a teaspoon of coconut oil

Green juice – no fruit added

Protein shake – whey protein

Nuts (walnuts, macadamias, pecans, Brazil nuts)

Raw coconut flakes

Celery, cucumber, or carrots with almond butter

Kale chips or dried seaweed

Raw cheese (unpasteurized)

Sweet potato chips (homemade)




The same options as lunch

*Important – Avoid:


All sugar and sweets

Regular fruit except for berries and green apples

Starchy carbs such as pasta, bread, rice, wheat wraps, white potatoes, etc.




Kombucha drinks or tea

All kinds of tea, but especially green tea, no sugar added

Coffee - no sugar added



Sleep 8 hours or more per night

Drink a gallon of water a day as well as green tea

All vegetables and fruit should be organic

Adding lemon to your meals is great – it alkalizes the body

You can have a small piece of dark chocolate 85% cacao or higher, but not every day

Use stevia powder as the only sweetener


*** From the Fit for Joy book.

With warmth,