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The fact that you care about your own physical, mental, and spiritual health,

as well as others’, means a lot to my heart.

We all affect each other in profound ways.

Thank you for giving away the gift of healing through your words of wisdom.

This podcast is possible because of your collaboration! -Valeria






Christian Minister, Author, Husband, U.S. Navy Veteran

TOPIC: Jesus Was Not God: What Churches Don't Teach

Interview Date: 2/14/19

“I was a secular rationalist who was skeptical about all things spiritual. While I did not know God, I accepted the concept of God. At age 32, I found God in what I describe as an epiphany. I joined a charismatic church and actually found myself inside a Christian cult.- Rev. Edward Palmer




Artist / Graphic Designer - Full-Time Mom.

TOPIC: Losing Fear, Gaining Self-Confidence

Interview Date: 2/15/19

“I went from being a normal kid to being an alien who was bullied for years. This affected my self-esteem and self-worth. It made me be afraid of people, judgement and being in the public eye. - Deja Drewit




Alumni Coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center

TOPIC: Addiction and The 12 Steps

Interview Date: 2/18/19

Missy Pollack is one of our Alumni Coordinators based at Recovery First Treatment Center located in Hollywood, FL. Part of Missy’s job is to work with the graduates of our treatment centers and provide them with any support that they need. She often hosts community events with alumni where they give back to their community and participate in raising awareness about addiction and recovery.





Minister, Therapist, Photographer, Father, Grandfather

TOPIC: 12 Core Concepts to Emotional and Relational Awareness

Interview Date: 2/18/19

“As a Minister and Therapist, I have seen so many individuals, families, communities, agencies and churches struggle with Emotional Instability/Distress, Relational Distress and Addictions. The calling that guides me, is to serve people no matter where they are or are at. Through that calling, I have been able to work in Institutions, hospitals, community centers, native villages and reservations, schools and in front rooms/kitchens.  It is a joy for me to serve others and it is what we are called to do.”





Author, Life Coach, Blogger & Communication Trainer

TOPIC: 5 Powerful Ways to Build Your Self- Confidence

Interview Date: 2/19/19

“It took me many years to identify a life with purpose that is unique to me. My sun shines a little brighter each day, and every single day is filled with huge excitement, trust, and so much to look forward to.”




Holistic Addiction and Wellness Specialist

TOPIC: There is Hope: Holistic Approach to Addiction

Interview Date: 2/21/19

Michael Roth is an experienced Holistic Addiction and Wellness Specialist. He is a certified Addictionologist with a specialty in compulsive behaviors and disorders, a Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach, a Certified Intimacy Anorexia Coach, and a nationally Certified Life Coach. He is also an author and a speaker. He has been practicing in Ventura County, CA for over 34 years.




Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE. International Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant. Husband and Father.

TOPIC: Are We Past Our Past?

Interview Date: 3/04/19

Brian Ahearn is the Chief Influence Officer at Influence People, LLC. A dynamic keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant, he specializes in applying the science of influence and persuasion in business and personal situations. He is one of only 20 individuals in the world who currently holds the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer® (CMCT®) designation. This specialization in the psychology of persuasion was earned directly from Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. Brian’s passion is helping people achieve greater professional success and enjoy more personal happiness. He does this by teaching people how to ethically move others to action through the science of persuasion.




Certified Family Life Coach, Strategic Interventionist, Marriage Educator, Yogi, Certified BreathWork Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and Mother.

TOPIC: The Connection Between Suffering and Meaning

Interview Date: 3/07/19

Heather is on a mission to increase emotional intelligence and resiliency which promotes health and happiness within families. Heather also serves on the Cayuga County Mental Health Board and the Cayuga County Drug and Alcohol Community coalition in New York State. She believes in changing the world one family, one parent, and one child at a time. Recently, Heather opened the Live Inspired Now Life Coach School and is training and certifying people to become life coaches and join her mission to increase emotional intelligence.




Breakthrough Life Coach, Bestselling Author, and YouTube Vlogger

TOPIC: What Can a Relationship with a Narcissist Teach Us?

Interview Date: 3/08/19

Lisa is A. Romano is the creator of The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program and the Master Your Reality Coaching Program. Her aim is to help people resolve the faulty subconscious beliefs that were created in childhood, so they can breakthrough and manifest the lives they always deserved. She is known as an expert in the field of codependency and narcissistic abuse.  She believes what's wrong is not us, but our programming. Lisa believes understanding the self is the key to liberating the self. Her books include The Road Back to Me, My Road Beyond the Codependent Divorce, Loving the Self Affirmations, Codependent Now What?, and Quantum Tools to Help You Heal Your Life Now.




Former Union President and AA Sponsor for Over 30 Years

TOPIC: I Am an Alcoholic but I Won’t Die Drunk

Interview Date: 3/10/19

“Being the former Union Carpenter President in NYC which was the highlight of my life besides being married to my deceased beautiful wife Patricia, I come to realize in my years that I knew how to take care of other people before taking care of myself.

 I battled with alcoholism for many years to find myself in the AA program to begin my journey in taking care of Thomas Evans.

 Today, I give back my sobriety and knowledge to those who come in the rooms such as I did.

My life has been full of tragedies, I lost my son and daughter in car accidents one year apart from one another, then I lost my wife to cancer.

 Allow my story to inspire you that no matter happens in your life, you must go on with the strength given to you by your higher power.”

CONTACT THOMAS: chris@hcoreinc.com

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Psychologist, Keynote Speaker and Author

TOPIC: Hurt People, Hurt People

Interview Date: 3/11/19

Dr. Laura has worked in the field of psychology for over 10 years. She has expertise in multicultural counseling and couples counseling. Dr. Louis specialized training in assisting couples with increasing intimacy and rebuilding trust after infidelity. She helps couples build effective communication skills, so that both partners feel understood and validated. What’s more, she is experienced in working with a range of clinical issues (schizophrenia, bi-polar, major depression, anxiety, career counseling, and healing from a break up, acculturation issues for immigrants). With expertise in improving sleep and building stress management skills, Dr. Laura has provided consultation to organizations and agencies to improve their productivity and efficiency. Over the years, she has gained specialized experience with adults, youth and children in multiple settings including a psychiatric hospital, domestic violence shelter, community agencies, court systems, elementary/middle schools and college counseling centers.

In this interview, Dr. Laura explains what an “emotional wall” is, how a person develops a co-dependent bond and how our past traumas affect our relationships, she also gives us a wonderful tree analogy for relationships, among insights and other beneficial suggestions that help heal a painful relationship.  




Veteran Holistic Physician and Best-Selling Author

TOPIC: Heal Trapped Emotions. Heal Your Life.

Interview Date: 3/11/19

Dr. Bradley Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. He has certified thousands of practitioners worldwide to help people overcome unresolved anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness and other negative emotions and the physical symptoms associated them. His bestselling book, "The Emotion Code," provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body's healing power.

"I feel this is my calling: to help people use their own intrinsic genius to find trapped emotions and release them so that their pain goes away, their diseases improve and sometimes disappear, and they no longer have depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias. They stop sabotaging themselves, improve their health, and often improve their love life by getting rid of their emotional baggage through The Emotion Code." - Dr. Brad Nelson


POPS MARCH 2019.jpg


Author, Marine Pilot, Lawyer, College Professor, College president, Bank President, Consultant, Father and Grandfather.

TOPIC: Grateful for and Appreciative of: A Definition of Love to Live By

Interview Date: 3/19/19

“If I act in love because I am grateful for and appreciative of the object loved, then my heart is pure. My act can not be a quid pro quo.  My motives to act in love are honest.  My relationships with people are true and that is my understanding of the beginning of Paradise.  I believe my acts of love toward my God and my fellow travelers reflect compliance with the spirit of Scripture. Now the words of Love from First Corinthians no longer condemn but peal forth from the Bible like the sound of bells from a carillon. Love can never fail when the heart is grateful for and appreciative of the object loved.

I am grateful that you are reading these messages and encouraging me to write these words.  Now you know I can say with a pure heart . . . I love you . . . no strings attached.”


A Cry From The Heart: A Personal Essay

dr carly nuday pic.jpg


Water Researcher and Author

TOPIC: The Importance of Proper Cellular Hydration

Interview Date: 3/21/19

Dr. Carly Nuday is a water researcher whose primary work focuses on the science of structured water. She is the author of Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment, which examines the dynamic physics of water, it's role in the body, and our spiritual relationship with water throughout antiquity.

Carly is a co-utility patent holder for water-resonant therapeutic tools, offered to individuals, practitioners, and centers around the world. She is also a senior research director at Water, Inc. Has a baccalaureate studies in alternative medicine and therapies, holds a Ph.D. Religious Theology and Doctorate of Divinity.




 Holistic Health & Water Researcher, Entrepreneur

TOPIC: The Importance of Proper Cellular Hydration

Interview Date: 3/21/19

Nevin Eckert has been researching holistic health, water quality and emerging water technologies for 23 years. As a boy and young man he was immersed in the nature of Giant Sequoias of California's Southern Sierra Nevada mountains. He worked in the forest gather tree seeds for reforestation and worked the front lines as a radical environmental activist. His mission is to invoke higher levels of water consciousness to people worldwide inspiring people to obtain sovereignty for their personal health through the quality of water they drink on a daily basis.

His philosophy is based in the understanding that when water is in its purest form and at its highest quality, its a "Living Substance" endowed with both physical and energetic qualities. He has created the TrueSpring custom drinking water system solution, configured with state of the art components, to purify and transform any water – from well water to the nastiest city water. This custom system delivers the highest quality drinking water, creating a medicinal spring water quality with therapeutic properties.




Therapist and Author

TOPIC: The Inner Healer and Transformation

Interview Date: 3/25/19

Jonathan A. Tripodi is the author of “Freedom From Body Memory – Awaken the Courage to Let Go of the Past” and Founder of the Body Memory Recall (BMR) Approach.

He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1992 from the University of Evansville and Bachelor of Arts in Movement and Sports Science in 1990 from Purdue University. Jonathan became an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery in 2006.

For the past 25 years, Jonathan has explored how emotions and memory from the past are stored not only in the mind but in the body – a phenomenon he calls body memory. In 1997, he developed the Body Memory Recall (BMR) Approach – a form of transformational bodywork that has since supported thousands of individuals to access and release old body memories as a mens to heal old wounds and experience renewed states of health, vitality, and function.

Jonathan devotes his time and energy entirely to his healing ministry “Freedom from Body Memory” which includes providing retreats and seminars for the public and healthcare professionals to learn about and experience their innate ability to transform body memory.

His book, Freedom from Body Memory, provides a personal account his awakening to body memory and scientific, historical and clinical evidence of the body memory phenomenon.




Psychologist and Family Nurse Practitioner

TOPIC: Addiction: One of the Most Misunderstood Phenomena

Interview Date: 3/26/19

“I am a Family Nurse Practitioner working in an underserved population in Oregon. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990 with a degree in American Civilization and Psychology. I then worked as a programmer/analyst and research assistant in Penn's Addiction Treatment Research Center for five years before enrolling in a doctoral program in theoretical neuroscience. I then worked for ten years in Silicon Valley as a software engineer, before switching to medicine, a childhood interest of mine. I am married with two young sons, am an avid long-distance runner, and do science as a hobby.”




Author and Speaker

TOPIC: Miracles Happen When You Let Go

Interview Date: 3/27/19

Although Steven Lane Taylor spent more than 30 years as an advertising writer, he has had a lifelong interest in spirituality, which was ignited by a brief, but profound mystical experience he had at the age of fourteen.

For eight years Steven taught a weekly class on spirituality at a Unity church in Dallas, Texas. He has been the guest speaker at more than 90 churches in 16 states, and he has been invited to speak at six national spiritual conferences.

Steven is the author of three books on his favorite subject, “Living Life in the Divine Flow.” And recently one of his stories was included in the popular book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

 Since 2006 Steven has lived in Sedona, Arizona, with his lovely wife, Carol.




Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute, Creator of FasterEFT and eutaptics®

TOPIC: The Truth Behind Addictions

Interview Date: 3/28/19

Robert G. Smith as a seeker of truth for the better part of his life, Robert has learned many self-improvement processes and blended them into one powerfully simple and yet effective modality.

Robert has helped thousands of people around the world address their stresses relating to life challenges ranging from finances, weight / body image and procrastination, to the greater issues like grief / loss, anxiety, diseases- including Lupus, Lyme and cancer, along with substance abuse and addiction. He has volunteered for over twenty years in homeless shelters and drug rehabilitation centers.

Robert’s sincere passion, directness, and compassion have attracted thousands of students seeking solutions to life’s problems. He is an advocate of self-improvement and practices what he teaches, which he requires all practitioners to do the same.

His presence is well known, over 12 million video views on his YouTube channel, and frequent guest on many radio shows and pod casts. He offers an effective training program for those who wish to become practitioners (eutaptics®), and conducts webinars, transformational retreats, and training seminars internationally.

“You can live a stress-free life and be successful in everything you do. My goal is to give you the tools to live a happy and successful life.”




Evangelist, International Life Coach & Speaker, Author, and Self-Publishing Consultant

TOPIC: Church: A Place Where We Can Trust The People of God.

Interview Date: 4/06/19

Pamela’s mission is to encourage, equip and empower women and teens to align their spirituality with their success goals so that their lives are peaceful, purposeful, and productive.

She is an empowering speaker who has spoken on a variety of corporate platforms, church events, conferences, and panels. Focusing on spiritual and personal empowerment topics like: 10 Commandments of a positive church culture, Faith & Fashion (How to dress for church), Success & Spirituality (Setting personal goals that align with your purpose), Books Build Brands (7 Steps to Write, Publish, Brand & Market a book).

Pamela is a member of the National Association of Christian Ministers and the author of the book: The Doors of the Church Are Open: Staying Committed to Christ even when the Church fails you. She has also self-published some women empowerment life coaching books.


BIO PIC BLUE 6-17.jpg


Psychologist, Holistic Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Author, Wife, Grandmother.

TOPIC: Suicide Prevention and Reasons for High Suicide Rates

Interview Date: 4/08/19

Lynn Telford-Sahl, M.A., C.A.D.C. knows that addictive struggles are just that; a struggle and that with support, education and commitment it’s not only possible to take charge, feel better and move forward, but likely.

Lynn teaches specific strategies to cope with stress and the emotional ups and downs of life and addictive behaviors.  In fact, she wrote Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction (available Amazon or Barnes Noble) to show how to do just that from a mind, body, spirit perspective.

Lynn has an M.A. in Psychology with a Holistic Specialization and is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor in private practice for over 25 years with Balanced Living Counseling, Modesto, CA.

Lynn's counseling style is direct, caring, empowering.  She knows that while humor doesn't change difficult situations, it can lighten the journey.


Bio Bw.jpg


 Author, Blogger and Mental Health Social Worker, Father, Grandfather.

TOPIC: Tango, Trauma and Relational Dynamics

Interview Date: 4/09/19

Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck is a former Lutheran minister with a Masters degree in theology,

He has been Tango dancing for 15 years and the author of the book: Trauma to Tango: Dancing Through the Shadows of Sexual Abuse.

He is a weekly blogger who explores the connection between mental and relational health, relational dynamics and dancing tango.

He is also a mental health social worker in the inner city in Canada.

Aydan has been married of 25 years with “accumulated” lineage of 8 children and 18 grandchildren.


cassandra white background.jpg


Holistic Therapist, Award-Winning Artist, Bestselling Author.

TOPIC: Anxiety Rescue — Transformational Business — Purpose

Interview Date: 4/11/19

People call me the Renaissance Woman—I’m a rare mix of 50% rational, cognitive and 50% intuitive, empath, and have a range of eclectic interests and I employ a range of modalities in my work as a holistic therapist and self-empowerment author. I am passionate about and intrigued by quantum, multi-dimensional energy, spirituality, and the potential we all have within us to create miracles in our lives.

Devoted to finding my soul purpose from an early age, I’ve spent many hours and invested a significant amount of my financial resources finding ways to transcend difficult situations and emerge stronger and more empowered. I’ve found personally and professionally the best solutions are positive, holistic, inspirational and practical ones.

I’ve lived a chameleon life, shaping-shifting to find my passion and purpose in life. I’ve had some horror jobs and experiences—and thankfully, some millionaire moments too. With over 25-years professional experience helping people transform their lives, as a holistic therapist, counselor, career and life coach, intuitive and bestselling author of self-empowerment and romance books I’ve found the things that make my soul sing…

I believe in the power of love, spirituality, and creativity to transform your life—it has mine. My soul mission is to live life to the fullest, to take risks, to be playful, to create beauty and to have fun—and to help others achieve the same.




Nutrition Healer, Author and Entrepreneur.

TOPIC: Superfoods — Resilience — Holistic Success

Interview Date: 4/12/19

Billy Merritt has devoted most of his adult life to the study and teaching of natural health and well-being. A frequent guest speaker, he has worked as a mountain-climbing guide and emergency medical technician in Yosemite, and taught nutrition, physical training, and yoga at the world-famous Ashram Health Retreat in the mountains near Malibu, California. But it was only after being diagnosed with a rare and dangerous brain condition that Billy really delved deeply into the connection between lifestyle and health. Today, his condition is in remission, to which Billy credits his diet, his physical fitness, and his lifestyle.

Billy’s priority now is sharing his knowledge so that others may learn the simple secrets for living an extraordinary life of health, well-being, and enhanced life-force. He has worked with thousands of people and his research and experience has led him to understand the protocols that he shares in the Infinity Health Manual, protocols that go well beyond nutrition and exercise.

Billy lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he operates Billy’s Infinity Greens, dedicated to providing elite blends of medicinal herbs and natural superfoods, all of which are known to have significant health benefits,  for thousands of people all over the world. Learn more about the Infinity Greens health-enhancing product line and connect with Billy at www.infinitygreens.com

John Profile Pic10sml.jpg


Mindfulness Master, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist ACT Therapist, Modern Day Shaman, Spiritual Healer and Professional Biohacker.

TOPIC: Be Mindful — “Breath” — Connect

Interview Date: 4/14/19

John Shearer is an internationally recognized Australian healer.

John's journey began in 1982 when he died in a horrific truck accident. He was revived with substantial physical injuries but they were nothing compared to the fifteen years of mental suffering. He was diagnosed with a mental illness and health professionals told him that he would never be cured, that he would have to take medication for the rest of his life and that he would never work again. He felt ashamed with his condition and refused to get help outside the 'system'.

In 1997, John got his miracle when an old friend knocked on his door and told his story. This put John on the road to recovery. He stepped from the darkness into the light with no more depression! However, his mind continued with unhelpful stories and negative self judgements. These were easily overcome and he was able to live a ‘normal’ life and work again.

In 2009, John started a personal mindful practice as well as an intensive study into the many aspects of mindfulness, which continues to this day. (9,000+ Hours) His life was completely transformed and he now lives with both peace of mind and clarity of mind.

John conducts workshops, one-on-one & group sessions and teaches those who have a desire to mentor & teach mindfulness or become peer support workers or volunteers.



Richar Ruiz

Psychologist, Life Coach, Founder of Proferr and Business Consultant

TOPIC: Self-Improvement — Success — Spirituality

Interview Date: 4/15/19

Richar Ruiz studied psychology at the American University of Paraguay. He has a Master's in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. Is a life coach certified by the Spencer Institute of the United States.

Richar is the founder of Proferr, personal and professional solutions and the online leadership and storytelling academy proferr. A business consultant who gives lectures on topics of motivation, leadership and public speaking.


The Thinker.jpg

Chuck Clayton

Author, Mechanical Designer and Development Engineer and Poker Master

TOPIC: Critical Thinking — Emotional Intelligence — Poker Enjoyment

Interview Date: 4/16/19

“My primary education and professional experience is in engineering. Much of my career has been as a mechanical design and development engineer. I have also been a principal systems engineer, a principal quality engineer and a 6-Sigma Expert. I have a BSME from Michigan Tech University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.  I am a 6-Sigma Expert and have an Advanced Communicator Gold in Toastmasters.

I enjoy friends and family, Argentine Tango dancing, the early space program, traveling, exercising and Texas No-Limit Hold'em.

I have written 4 books including my latest work: Mastering Poker Math -- Become a Feared Shark in Texas No-Limit Hold'em. It was released late last year and is available on Amazon.com

In my book: The Re-Discovery of Common Sense - A Guide to the Lost Art of Critical Thinking I share the 25 critical thinking skills. It is also available on Amazon.com.”



Randy Peyser

Author, Book Editor, Speaker and Ghostwriter

TOPIC: Writing to Heal — “Chutzpah” — Love

Interview Date: 4/17/19

“Writing is a healing act. Keeping a journal or writing in a diary for self-expression is a worthy pursuit in and of itself, but sometimes, you might want to share your life story so that others who are going through a similar circumstance can benefit from the lessons you’ve learned.

In this episode, Randy Peyser tell us about a simple format for writing your story of overcoming an experience in a way that will encourage readers to buy your book once it’s completed.

Randy pitches manuscripts to literary agents and publishers. Published clients have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Time Magazine, on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller Lists, on Daily Mail TV, in airport bookstores, and more. She also places books in 5-star luxury hotels for word-of-mouth marketing.

She is the author of: The Write-a-Book Program; Crappy to Happy, as featured in the movie, “Eat Pray Love”; and The Power of Miracle Thinking.




Zen Monk — Dharma Teacher at Providence Zen

TOPIC: Anger: A Form of Wisdom

Interview Date: 4/19/19

“I met our Kwan Um School of Zen's Patriarch, Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1986 at the Cambridge Zen Center.  I moved to Providence Zen Center in 1987 and work there as House Master. 1997 I went to Korea sat a 90 day retreat afterwards I requested entrance into the Hangja program. A program in which I worked for one year at Hwa Gae Sa temple. And ordained a novice monk upon completion of a three-week intensive course at the end of the one-year HangJa training.  In 2003 I received Bhikkhu precepts.   I stayed in Korea until 2012 holding various temple positions and sitting a 90-day retreat twice a year.  One in the winter and one in the summer.   In 2012 I moved into PZC and become the Head Dharma Teacher.  I have been sitting the winter and summer retreats here also as Head Dharma Teacher and leading a Sunday Dharma Practice program.” 




Author, Renaissance Educator, Leader, Consultant and Astrologer.

TOPIC: Spiritual Path — Prosperity — Joy

Interview Date: 4/22/19

Dr. Elisa Robyn is a modern-day Renaissance educator, leader, consultant and astrologer with a diverse background spanning geology, psychology, arts and sciences, and spirituality. She has earned a PhD in Educational Psychology and two master’s degrees, one in Geology and one in Jewish Mysticism. Elisa has over 20 years of experience as an Academic Dean at various institutions including Regis University, the Community College of Denver and Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver Colorado. Along her life journey, she has studied with many spiritual teachers, shamans, astrologers, and medicine people, and she integrates these experiences into her work with individuals and organization.

As an encore, Elisa has her own consulting/coaching business applying her various skills as a Prosperity Astrologer and Catalyst.  She has published one leadership book, “Pirate Wisdom” and one spiritual romance novel, “The way of the Well.” Links to her blog and radio shows can be found at www.elisarobyn.com

PMBernsteinPhD copy.jpg


Author, Psychotherapist, Founder and Director of the Bernstein Institute.

TOPIC: Trauma Recovery — Selfless Love — Gratitude

Interview Date: 4/23/19

Peter M. Bernstein, PhD earned his doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on combined cognitive and body-centered modalities. After a 48-year practice in psychotherapy as founder and director of the Bernstein Institute, Peter transitioned to a new service model including coaching, mentoring, trauma recovery, consulting and training. Peter’s approach continues to address both the mind and body, employing a unique form of bodywork which he created and calls Bernstein Healing Protocols/Physical Release. Peter is the author of “Trauma: Healing the Hidden Epidemic” and is a principal contributor to a weekly podcast, The Survivor’s Guide to Life.




Zen Buddhist Monk, Author and Teacher at the Dharma Gate Zen Center in Michigan

TOPIC: Mindfulness — Compassion — Non-Harming Living

Interview Date: 4/24/19

Venerable Hoden was ordained as a Samanera monk at Seonam-sa  Monastery in 2010 and as a Bhikkhu in 2016 in Seoul, Korea. He has studied and practiced Buddhism, Zen, Taoism and Japanese Martial Arts for over 35 years.

He currently acts as the Abbot and guiding teacher for Dharma Gate Zen Center in two locations in Michigan where he teaches contemporary Western Zen, from traditional Japanese and Korean Zen influences.

Dharma Gate Zen provides weekly Buddhist services, Dharma talks and meditation periods, as well as classes and retreats. It also hosts a Buddhist based addiction recovery program, a support group for anxiety and depression as well as multiple group activities around mindfulness, nature, Zen culture and arts.

Hoden Sunim graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Marygrove College in Detroit, and an Associates Degree in Buddhist Studies from Dong-Bang Seminary, South Korea. He is the author of two books: “Walk: A contemporary guide to the eightfold path” and “Awake: A contemporary guide to you.”


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