Christian Minister, Author, Husband, U.S. Navy Veteran

TOPIC: Jesus Was Not God: What Churches Don't Teach

Interview Date: 2/14/19

“I was a secular rationalist who was skeptical about all things spiritual. While I did not know God, I accepted the concept of God. At age 32, I found God in what I describe as an epiphany. I joined a charismatic church and actually found myself inside a Christian cult.- Rev. Edward Palmer


Photographer - Founder of Be The Change Foundation.

TOPIC: Codependency and Happiness

Interview Date: 2/11/19

“After a friend told me to read about codependency, I was awakened to my own accountability to the issues in my life and they began within myself. I started working on recovering from my lifelong codependency habits and mindsets that were holding not only myself back but also my husband, and I'm sure countless other relationships in my life.” - Brandy Angel 

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