Memoir Writing Course


Memoir Writing Course

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Memoir Writing: Beginner Lessons to an Inspirational Book

Discover how to confidently outline, write, edit and publish your personal stories and/or memoir.

Do you have a compelling life story that you want to share with others?

Are you a beginning writer who wants to write a memoir book but doesn’t know where to start?

Hello, my name is Valeria Teles and as a published author and I know what it is like to overcome the daunting challenge of creating your book when it comes to building your outline to writing your message to editing and ultimately publishing your creation.

This course was created for:

  • Anyone who wishes to write a book that inspires, teaches, and transforms

  • For aspiring writers in the creative writing, nonfiction category, specifically: self-help, inspirational, spiritual, and motivational

  • Those who want to learn how to write stories about life lessons

  • Beginner nonfiction writers

  • People who have a message to deliver and something meaningful to say based on their experiences or deep reflections

  • For those with little or no experience in writing

  • People who want to discover a new skill

  • Those who are new to nonfiction and/or creative writing

  • Anyone who wants help to become a published author

  • For those who want to transition from being a beginner writer to a published author