Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You


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by Ann Procacci


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Water Carrier - Pg 18

Walking the path on my way to the river was such a gift to me. I liked seeing the dust lift around every step I made, as I dragged my worn-out sandals in the soil and swung my old gray bucket. My body had so much space to move; I loved the sensation. Te late morning was silent, aside from my own giggling when I suddenly saw an animal cross the road. I reached the river...

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Coconut Candy - Pg 43

I wish I could become one of these ants, I whispered to myself. I really meant, I wish I didn’t have a mind to think these horrifying thoughts. I got up and started walking again toward the school. I looked for a shaded place where no one would see me...


Carnival - Pg 52

While we were sitting on the grass, a child came by selling grilled cheese. He must have been about ten years old. I wondered where his parents were. He called us “auntie” and said that one cheese stick cost only two reais. His eyes were fixed on our pockets. To him we were not humans, but pockets with money. I asked Sofia what a child was doing in a place like this...


Stumbled over the truth - Pg 88

I ran, and ran, and ran. I became aware of sand under my feet. I didn’t know how long it had been since I started running. At some point, I slowed down to catch my breath and started walking. It was only semi-dark, as the moon illuminated the beach. My heart was getting lighter. I realized how long I had been out there when the sky started to change—the sunrise felt like an announcement of the arrival of God. I kept walking and finally sat down on one of the rocks where the waves crashed. I was waiting for God...


The Snowflake - pg 105

A man walked into the fitness studio. He was out of breath. He stomped his boots on the floor to rid them of snow, and hung his long winter coat and hat on the half-full rack by the entrance. He reached into his coat pocket, and a cigarette box fell to the floor. He picked it up and quickly put it back. His red eyes were wide and out of focus, scanning the room from end to end. He was clearly looking for someone. It seemed to be a challenge...


Fitness and Spirituality - Pg 160

Although physical health is an important asset, the reasons we engage in exercise can still become unhealthy. Being mindful about these motivations for hitting the gym or engaging in any physical activity is helpful if you are seeking spiritual growth and self-knowledge.

To find out that joy was a choice took me years of believing that pain was a must. Today, I am still learning about pain and joy. The difference is that I choose to forgive instead of suffering over the memories of tragedies I cannot change.


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