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Please email the Well-Being topic you are interested in having a conversation about. This should be a topic that you have personal or/and professional experience with.

I appreciate if you can send me a free copy of your book or an article on the topic you’ve chosen.

During the interview, I’ll also ask you Well-Being general questions unrelated to your work or topic you’ve selected.

Recording Platform and Duration

Interviews are via Skype (audio only) and they average from 30-45 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on how the conversation flows, the interview length may be longer or shorter than average.

The interview can also be conducted over the phone (landline), but the audio quality will not be the same.

Information and Materials Needed:

1- Download, complete, and sign the podcast release form. The link is also found at the bottom of this page.

2- Indicate your availability. I host interviews every day of the week, including weekends, from 1PM to 5PM EST. If your schedule is not in alignment with mine due to time zone differences, please email your location with suggested days and times.

3- Email a short bio and headshot.

4- Connect with me on Skype. I’ll be calling you at scheduled time.

My Skype name is: valeria.koopman

Phone number: (917) 345-4580.

Note: For audio quality, Skype is the best way to record the interviews. If you don't have access to Skype, however, then the interview can be conducted over the phone. Please email me your number for me to call on interview day.

5- Along with your bio, send me the website you’d like to add to your interview profile. (Note: I can only add one link.)


Please email all information and materials to:

*** A Technical Note ***

1- To maintain audio quality, I don’t use video on Skype. Please keep your camera off. Be comfortable! ☺

2- Please use headphones to ensure good audio quality.

3- Please make sure you choose a quiet place that will remain quiet for the duration of the interview. Birds singing in the background, however, are allowed!!!!! ☺

4- If you’re able, please hardwire your computer into your router via an ethernet cable. This will ensure the highest speed and most reliable internet connection possible. If this is not possible, please keep in mind that the closer you are to your router the better the internet connection you will have.

5- Also, please close or mute all applications that are running on your computer. This is especially important if you have applications open that might deliver notifications or sounds.

Looking forward to our well-being conversation!

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Podcast Song “Almost August” by Dan Lebowitz


Launch Date:

JUNE 12, 2019