"The heart is the master of our lives, the mind is our powerful servant, and the body the bridge between them." - Valeria T.



Welcome to the Fit for Joy wellness celebration!

We exercise, dance, drink refreshing beverages, eat healthy foods, engage in meaningful / spiritual conversations and practice a few minutes of meditation.

We revive the true meaning of health.

Fit for Joy creates the space for the practice of fitness, truthfulness, wellbeing, mindfulness, joy, and everything else that is in alignment with our hearts.



Healthy is to be Loving!

Fit for Joy connects physical activities with spirituality and enjoyment, and psychological processes with nature. The heart is where joy resides, and the body and mind are the bridges we can use to access it.

Without a doubt, exercising and eating healthily are good practices. This, however, can also become a trap of sustaining habits out of fear, turning exercise and diet into negative forces and compounding the root problem as we live for our bodies through abusive mechanisms. It can cause disharmony within the heart when we forget to recognize that love and kindness is what life is all about.

Happiness and serenity have a lot to do with being in the present moment. However, many of us do not achieve this state because we dwell in the past or become preoccupied with how to escape it by living for a “better” future. When we project or stake our happiness on the hypothetical achievement of a future circumstance, we sabotage our ability to be happy in the present and reinforce a self-destructive mindset that will likely persist into the magical “future” we are hoping for. To release ourselves from this cycle, I believe in the integration of healthy practices with spirituality.

After investing more twenty years in fitness, as an enthusiast, personal trainer, and competitor, Valeria finally realized that true health comes from knowing the depths of our own hearts and the nature of life. With this knowledge, her external searches for happiness and peace ended and a joyful celebration began.

*full story in the Fit for Joy book* 



 A home for those who believe in health and the power within the heart. An environment devoted to fitness, wellness and spirituality. 


The endless knot

The unity between compassion and infinite wisdom, that is without beginning or end.


Please check back for book publication date.