The Fit for Joy book will inspire you

and someone you love to listen to the heart.

“This book reminds us we are more than our bodies, we are souls having experiences in our body, in search of our true JOY”.

~ Tamilee Webb - Author, Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel Instructor

“An acceptance of spiritual reflection is one prerequisite for appreciating this story’s approach. Those who hold such openness will discover a treasure within.”

~ Diane Donovan, MidWest Book Review

“An inspiring look that aims to set the foundations of healthy living through a mindset of healing the inner-world.”

~ April Pfender - Author, Reiki Master practitioner and Spiritual Arts teacher

“When I finished reading the book, I felt a peace that I could control how I let things affect me.”

~ Sally Shupe, Goodreads’ Author and Editor



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How Being "Fit for Joy" Can Transform Your Life


First-prize fitness competitor and personal trainer Valeria Teles invites you to reflect on the idea that JOY is an ever-present choice.

From a young age, Valeria yearned for a life that would bring her joy. She hoped to find it in relationships and a successful career, but neither brought a genuine smile to her face.  She then discovered fitness, which became her escape – keeping her even further from the truth, until she could no longer live without joy.

During a meditative period away from the fitness world, Valeria learned that exercise and enjoyment belong together, and that forgiveness is essential for personal healing. 

Now a student of Buddha’s teachings, she shares her vision for conventional fitness that is integrated with emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Fit for Joy will inspire you to establish a harmonious mind-body connection that is based on self-knowledge and self-love. Insightful and tender, this book will show you how freedom, joy, and peace come from courage, and that courage can be found by being true to yourself.

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What Others Are Saying About Fit for Joy by Valeria Teles...

"An inspiring look at a journey that aims to set the foundations of healthy living through a mindset of healing the inner-world." 

~ April Pfender, Bestselling Author and Meditation Instructor

“Valeria’s story is raw, real and from the very depth of her soul. I’m sure many of us in the business of fitness can relate to parts of her journey.  Reminding us we are more than our bodies, we are souls having experiences in our body, in search of our true JOY”.

~ Tamilee Webb - Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel

“Valeria Teles thought joy would lie in family and career; then looked for it in the fitness world. Nothing brought her the kind of feeling she was looking for; and, indeed, her pursuit of fitness soon became a form of escape.

More so than most fitness autobiographies, Fit for Joy goes beyond advocating a belief or charting a path: it surveys the barriers to achievement which are created by both self and other influences.

An acceptance of spiritual reflection is one prerequisite for thoroughly appreciating this story's approach: something readers might not anticipate from a fitness saga. Those who hold such openness will discover a treasure within: the treasure of Teles' exploration and clear discussion of a process that can be duplicated by others, avoiding the common pitfalls too many may experience.

~ Diane Donovan, MidWest Book Review


Spiritual Confidence:
The Eternal Joy

by Valeria Teles

Self-confidence is important to have—but spiritual confidence is essential.

Spiritual confidence (aka inner peace) is that clear certainty within you that cannot be affected by internal or external instability.

It’s eternal joy from understanding that the mystery of life cannot be known; it can only be felt with the heart.

It’s absolute wisdom that manifests through contentment.

Spiritual confidence is accepting that you are a gift to this world through which a divine blueprint is being carried out.  It’s the only kind of confidence that eliminates existential doubt and liberates the human spirit.

It gives us the strength and the drive to fulfill our destiny, but more importantly, the power of serenity to face life’s most unwanted events.

We often see people with a high level of self-confidence derived from fear, egotism, narcissism, or vanity. This kind of confidence seeks to dominate and control others.

Without spiritual confidence, everything about us and everything that we achieve isn’t enough. We don’t feel satisfied. 

Spiritual confidence allows us to accept what is beyond our control with courage and grace, to reclaim the joy that belongs to our hearts.

The spiritually confident are warriors of innovation, the ones who don’t hesitate to be the first to fully invest in their own ideas—ideas that can contribute to self-improvement and to bettering the world. These warriors fearlessly stand for a way of life that is closer to “God” when everyone else flocks around “goods.”

They fight with kindness for a life that is meaningful. Warriors who don’t believe that problems will disappear if they ignore them. There is no compromising truth in exchange for temporary happiness.

Escapism is not a conceivable choice for the spiritually brave.

In this world we live in, where self-doubt and illusions give rise to all sorts of conflicts—it’s imperative that we value spiritual confidence.

The true power of inner peace reveals itself in moments of need. It’s felt in the heart that beats indestructible and with unconditional love for our humanity, and for a life governed by change. 

This love welcomes transformation.

It’s love that knows how to reach the depths of who we really are to transcend our self-imposed limitations.

It’s the unwavering confidence that guides us through life’s challenges with compassion.

This confidence, turned into eternal joy, empowers and transforms us because it knows love before fear. 

Much love! Valeria

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The Fit for Joy Wellness Center Project

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An environment devoted to fitness, wellness, and spirituality. 

Surrounded and inspired by nature, we exercise, dance, eat healthy foods, engage in meaningful conversations, and practice meditation.

Fit for Joy is an invitation for you to connect your mind, body, and soul through fitness, forgiveness, and truthfulness.



The endless knot

The unity between compassion and infinite wisdom, that is without beginning or end.


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