Finding Joy

The Fit for Joy book will inspire you and someone you love to listen to the heart.

“This book reminds us we are more than our bodies, we are souls having experiences in our body, in search of our true JOY”. ~ Tamilee Webb - Author, Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel Instructor

“An acceptance of spiritual reflection is one prerequisite for appreciating this story’s approach. Those who hold such openness will discover a treasure within.” ~ Diane Donovan, MidWest Book Review

“An inspiring look that aims to set the foundations of healthy living through a mindset of healing the inner-world.” ~ April Pfender - Author, Reiki Master practitioner and Spiritual Arts teacher

“When I finished reading the book, I felt a peace that I could control how I let things affect me.” ~ Sally Shupe, Goodreads’ Author and Editor

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Encontrando a Alegria

O livro Fitness do Coração irá inspirar você a criar uma conexão de corpo e mente baseada no auto-conhecimento e no amor próprio.

“Aceitar a reflexão espiritual é um pré-requisito para apreciar a abordagem desta história. Aqueles que estiverem abertos para isso irão descobrir um tesouro neste livro." ~ Diane Donovan, MidWest Book Review

"Este livro nos faz lembrar que somos mais do que nossos corpos, somos almas tendo experiências em nossos corpos, em busca da nossa verdadeira alegria". ~ Tamilee Webb

"Quando terminei de ler o livro, senti a paz de poder controlar a forma como eu deixo as coisas me afetarem." ~ Sally Shupe

"Uma leitura realmente inspiradora." ~ Patti Loveday

"Um olhar inspirador que visa definir as bases de uma vida saudável através de uma mentalidade de cura do nosso mundo interior." ~ April Pfender


Memoir Writing Lessons

Beginner Lessons to an Inspirational Book

Discover how to confidently outline, write, edit and publish your personal stories and/or memoir.

Do you have a compelling life story that you want to share with others?

Are you a beginning writer who wants to write a memoir book but doesn’t know where to start?


- Gain confidence to become the writer of a meaningful and inspiring book.

- Learn how to identify the right reasons to write your book.

- Take your own ideas and life experiences and turn them into a compelling topic for a book.

- Write about what meaningful topics that matter to you the most and to tell compelling stories of transformation.

- To find an inspiring and powerful message for your book.

- To build an outline without compromising the creative process.

- To protect yourself from lawsuits when writing about other people.

- Write about painful events without being hurt twice.

- Write your first book even if you have no experience in writing.

- Discover the confident voice within you that has been silenced for too long.

- Become a nonfiction writer.

- Edit and publish your book with confidence.


Writing Guidance

The same amazing team that assisted me in writing my books can help you.

We’ll guide you through the development phase to the publishing phase and all the steps in between to make your literary vision a reality.

I love sharing my knowledge and encouraging anyone who seeks a creative path to freedom of body, mind and soul.

With this purpose, I’ve created the Fit for Joy philosophy and training. A home to the art of physical, emotional and spiritual health that promotes exercise, meditation, wholesome diet and writing.

I thrive in giving others the confidence to live on their terms with joy and wisdom.

To get started, please send me a message about what type of writing guidance and assistance you require.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Much love, Valeria

"Freedom is to know that you are free."


Valeria is an inspirational writer, author, first-prize fitness competitor, coach and creator of the Fit for Joy training program. Besides writing meaningful books, she also writes for these highly regarded magazines:

Huffington Post

Elephant Journal

Body Mind Spirit Online

Mind Elate

Heartfulness Magazine



The Fit for Joy Wellness Center Project

 A home for those who believe in health and the power within the heart.
An environment devoted to fitness, wellness, and spirituality. 

Surrounded and inspired by nature, we exercise, dance, eat healthy foods, engage in meaningful conversations, and practice meditation.

Fit for Joy is an invitation for you to connect your mind, body, and soul through fitness, forgiveness, and truthfulness.



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