Podcast Song “Almost August” by  Dan Lebowitz    1400+ LISTENERS

Podcast Song “Almost August” by Dan Lebowitz



W E L C O M E!

This is a podcast inspired by “love” in the quest for Well-Being.

The episodes feature informative, inspirational, healing, and insightful conversations focused on physical, mental and spiritual health.

This is a platform of collaboration created for exploration of fundamental truths, enlightening ideas, and insights about holistic health.

To awaken new ways of thinking toward a new way of living and new ways of being.

Through the lens of awareness and healing, we explore the topics of trauma, addiction, co-dependency, fear, nutrition and exercise as a preventive measure for depression and anxiety. We also discuss the importance of meditation, self-awareness and self-love, as well as deeper spiritual understanding such as living in joy through non-dual perspective.

To promote awareness and inspire healthy changes.

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Grateful for having the opportunity to collaborate with so many thoughtful and insightful people (Beings!)

Much appreciation for the guests and supporters of this podcast!


The name is Valeria Teles (pen name) aka Valeria Koopman. 

I am the life force dedicated to explore and understand anything it perceives as meaningful. 

I am what life has inspired “me” to become. I have become what the conditioned mind and body had planned.

I am a piece of the Universe aware of the experience of being here and now.



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Marc Baisden is a Minister, Therapist, Photographer, Father, Grandfather.



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Their generosity contributes to the continuance of this work!


"If you want to go fast, go alone. 

  If you want to go far, go together." 

- African Proverb


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