Surprising Fat Burning Foods

Chocolate is usually perceived as an unhealthy food and avocados have been said to ADD fat to the body. Both have a lot of fat but it’s the good fat.

We know that spices taste good – but did you know some of them, including turmeric, actually burn fat?

These tasty foods listed below help burn fat by switching off fat storage, breaking down fat cells, improving insulin sensitivity, and more. Some of these foods even cut belly fat and increase metabolism! They are delicious and healthy but should be enjoyed in moderation. Portion size is key! Consuming an entire bowl of guacamole by yourself or gorging on chocolate bars will not do you any weight-loss favors.

Here they are:

1- Turmeric

Anti-inflammatory. Breaks down fat and prevents re-growth of fat cells. 

2- Avocados

Switches off fat storage. Enables fat-burning hormones. Protects energy producing cells.

3- Lean Meats

30% of the calories in lean meat are burned during digestion. 

4- Dark Chocolate

At least 70% cocoa reduces appetite, curbs insulin resistance. 

5- Green Tea

Speeds up metabolism and protects fat burning cells from free radicals.

6- Hot Peppers 

The capsaicin in peppers heats up your body and melt fat.

7- Brazil nuts  

Bind toxins which would otherwise store as cellulite. 

(Have two a day only)

8- Wild Salmon

Improves insulin sensitivity, trims the waistline. 

9- Coconut Oil

Medium-Chain Triglycerides are used as energy. Cuts belly fat. 

Once again, portion size is the key!