10 Fruits And Vegetable Peels You Should Eat

It’s no secret that eating a generous helping of colorful fruits and vegetables every day is vital to good health. Not only does fresh produce provide essential vitamins and nutrients that keep the body running optimally, but it is also a proactive way to prevent a slew of chronic diseases.

That said, if you are looking for a way to boost your nutrient content for free while reducing waste in the kitchen, you might want to set aside the peeler. Many fruit and veggie peels are loaded with extra nutrition and different antioxidants. But preparing these foods in the traditional way often means the skins end up in the compost.

Instead of peeling away your nutrients, read on to discover the amazing health benefits of eating these fruits and vegetables – peel and all!

1- Potatoes

2- Carrots

3- Cucumbers 

4- Apples

5- Eggplant

6- Kiwi

7- Mango

8- Citrus fruits: lemon, orange, grapefruit...

9- Bananas

10- Watermelon 


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