It’s a sunny afternoon.

I am watching swans and ducks swim in the lake.

A wonderful feeling of peace and joy fills my heart.

My breathing deepens. My body relaxes.

“I could stay here all day,” I say to myself.

Then, a question comes to mind:

“Why does watching these birds swim make me feel so peaceful and happy?”

I have no answer for a few minutes. I keep watching the birds move around.

Then comes a thought with an answer:

“It’s because they are free. It’s a sunny day and they are swimming in an open lake in whatever direction they choose to go.”

A mother with her child passes by me. The child laughs, pointing at the birds. They distracted me for moment.

My body is leaning against a wooden fence. I am at the top of a bridge looking down at the water.

The swimming birds have all my attention again.

It feels great!

It doesn’t take long for another thought to come up again. This time, as gracefully as the birds swimming in the water.

It says:

“Oh, I know. It’s the beautiful pattern they leave in the water as they move with freedom while being themselves.”

I step away from the fence, and walk with a smile on my face.

Did you leave a beautiful pattern somewhere today?  :)

Much love!