Hold on to the Roots

The Lucid Dream

I am climbing a high mountain. 

Halfway to the top, it becomes slippery.

I can’t go farther.

The dust falls all over and around me. I can’t see anything.

I am the only witness to my struggle.

My hands desperately try to find something to hold on to.

The mountain is falling apart. So am I.

In the midst of the end, I hear a song:

“You won’t die – Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You won’t die.”

I doubt the song. “But I am about to.”

The song becomes louder and louder,

“You won’t die – Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You won’t die.”

Then, the song stops.

When I am about to fall, my hands find the roots of a tree.

I hold on to it.

I am safe. Just in time.

The piece of land uncovers the roots.

There is a tree above me.

A beautiful tree called LIFE.

The land disintegrates, so the dust falls on me.

The struggle blinds my eyes. I can only hear the song.

The doubt and the fear make me wonder.

I wonder about hope and love so I can understand life.

In the end, it was all meant to be.

To climb the mountain…

To struggle…

To doubt…

To fear…

To hear the song…

To hold on to the roots…

To hope…

To love…

To find the life which is always there, inside and outside the dream.

By Valeria Teles

Much love!