I was waiting for one of my clients. She was almost twenty minutes late when my phone rang.

“It’s Destiny. I am very late. I’m sorry, Valeria. Will be there soon. Bye,” she said in a few seconds and hung up the phone. 

I stared at the street of Astoria from the small studio I rented close to my house. Destiny would come rushing in any time. It was cold and windy outside. The fitness studio also offered massage therapy. There was a massage session going on in one of the rooms close to where I stood in the reception.

Destiny was one of the most cheerful clients I had. She always came straight to me with a big smile. She gave me a tight hug and a kiss before we started training.

She was a mother of two kids, taught school, and was overweight. Destiny was a high-energy woman with a very unusual fitness goal: to lose belly fat only. She trained with me three times a week.

When we met two months ago and I asked her about her fitness goals, she said to me, “My husband would love to see me with a smaller belly wearing the new pink swimsuit I bought for this summer.” She shook a colorful water bottle and took a sip. “I know I am a bit overweight but I do like my voluptuous body—except for my belly. My husband says all I need to do to look great is to lose belly fat.”

It was not the first time I heard that kind of fitness request from a client—I was used to it. So I said to her, “Let me see if I understand you, Destiny. You want to lose weight but mostly in the belly area. I can definitely help you lose weight which will reduce belly fat, too. Spot reduction is something that doesn’t really exist. Working with me you will learn what to do to lose fat.”

“Let’s get started!” she said with a big smile.

We started training right way from that day on. She was doing great. Destiny had lost almost twenty pounds so far.

Moments after we hung up the phone, she came rushing in. She looked serious and worried. It was the first time she didn’t give me a hug and kiss. I was sure something was wrong. I hoped nobody had died.

We sat down on the small sofa in the reception. I faced her but she looked down.

She said, “I came here today to say this in person; I didn’t want to send an email.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I can’t do this anymore. You helped me reduce belly size and feel better, but I’ve noticed that my thighs and glutes are shrinking, too. I didn’t sign up for this,” she said. She looked down, about to cry.

I listened to her quietly.

“I told you I liked my voluptuous body and my husband does, too. Thank you anyway.” She stood up and left. 

" A flower doesn't know anything about beauty, but it is still beautiful."

Much love!