My heart says: To be healthy is to be loving - To be loving is to be healthy.

Following the heart’s path doesn’t mean you stop taking care of your body or stop helping others to take care of theirs; it means fear is no longer your motivation to work out or eat healthily.

I learned to meditate before and during every action I take. The answer is not always clear, but when fear is the underlying reason to act or not act, anxiety is also part of the experience. Body and mind can only harmoniously work together when your primary purpose is to live with compassion.

As a trainer, I had clients who exercised because they were afraid of death, and others only because they wanted to look good for other people. In my case, exercise became a way to fulfill external needs that didn’t resonate with my heart. For years, I felt like a machine created to produce an attractive and healthy body so that I could play the professional and fitness enthusiast role.

But not long ago, in the midst of my "machine-like" life, I began to question the meaning of my life. I was fit and healthy but in conflict with the truth in my heart. I then decided to listen to my heart. A major shift in perspective took place.

I stopped playing the role of a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. These roles were trapping me in the physical reality. In the heart resides our spiritual reality; the more you listen to it, the more spiritual you become.

By becoming aware that you are a spiritual being, you turn inward for happiness.

You still take good care of your body, but you no longer believe you are it. Joy and serenity become inseparable elements of your fitness experience.

The heart is the master, the mind is a powerful servant, and the body is the bridge between heaven and earth.

Much love!