Deluded dreams and unrealistic hopes for the future can have the same effect as real drugs. We all know something is terribly wrong when we rely on this frantic search for fulfillment. But because everyone else around us lives in this kind of reality, we get pulled into it, too. We start to believe that this is how things should be—that this is what is real and normal. In truth, what is real and normal is to fully live in the present moment.

Consider this: if we can’t find happiness and peace in our own hearts in this very moment, doing whatever we are doing, we won’t find it anywhere else—or at any time in the future. Our hearts know, and have known, this truth forever.

To strive, achieve, and grow without joy is to live in mediocrity. This is much like the unfulfilling pleasure one experiences while having a beer or soda while playing the lotto. Where is the joyful you in this moment? 


Much love!