Wish to Belong in the Priceless Lands of Other Hearts


A good day starts with gratitude.

Appreciate what you have, especially those things that bring warmth to your heart.

Eternity is made up of moments that are complete, yet hard to describe.

Be thankful for the small things that make your life easier.

Cultivate a healthy state of mind that is grounded in valuing what matters to you the most.

The unstoppable desire to have more, beyond what satisfies your basic needs and your emotional requirements, can cause unhealthy mental states.

Wish for less material possessions and more inner peace.

Wish to belong in the priceless lands of other hearts.

Work enough to sustain your well-being, as well as the well-being of your personal and professional family.

Success—no doubt a product of intelligence, discipline, responsibility, and productivity, among other traits—is important to us. Equally important, however, is the enjoyment generated during the process, as well as the contentment you feel with every goal reached.