What Can Exist Without Change?

“Frightened to change? What can exist without it? Can any vital process take place without something being changed? It’s just the same with you.” - Marcus Aurelius


Expect change to occur.

Change is the natural flow of life.

Think about the changes that could happen outside of your control and how you might react to them.

Be prepared to adjust to the circumstances.

Consider giving some thought to what you can change to better your day, yourself, your personal and professional relationships, your life.

Substantial changes are harder to make, but they can be done with your commitment to perform small, but consistent actions toward that major change.

Avoid challenging yourself to produce great results fast. This often leads to stress and anxiety, which in return can affect your well-being.

Care enough about yourself to take that first step toward realizing your dreams or simply improving your health.

Be responsible for changes that depend just on you.

Make peace with the changes outside of your control.

Be aware of unexpected, but natural, changes.

If there is a chance for something to happen, why not give

some thought to it?

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