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Author, Mechanical Designer and Development Engineer and Poker Master

TOPIC: Critical Thinking — Emotional Intelligence — Poker Enjoyment

Interview Date: 4/16/19

“My primary education and professional experience is in engineering. Much of my career has been as a mechanical design and development engineer. I have also been a principal systems engineer, a principal quality engineer and a 6-Sigma Expert. I have a BSME from Michigan Tech University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.  I am a 6-Sigma Expert and have an Advanced Communicator Gold in Toastmasters.

I enjoy friends and family, Argentine Tango dancing, the early space program, traveling, exercising and Texas No-Limit Hold'em.

I have written 4 books including my latest work: Mastering Poker Math -- Become a Feared Shark in Texas No-Limit Hold'em. It was released late last year and is available on

In my book: The Re-Discovery of Common Sense - A Guide to the Lost Art of Critical Thinking I share the 25 critical thinking skills. It is also available on”