The Science of Non-Traumatic Learning

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Retired Physician, Educator, Author, and the Owner of Savant Books and Publications/Aignos Publishing.


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When you think of “learning” or “education” you may think of acquiring practical skills, scientific knowledge or simply factual or historical information about the world. 

How to build a house; how to fix a car engine; mathematics; human psychology; history of ancient Greece etc. 

But what if you could obtain an education which is not only professionally, scientifically or practically useful – like helping to create a new career – but also personally and spiritually expansive in that your life is transformed in some meaningful and permanent way. This is a type of education known as “transformative learning”.  - aleftrust.org

In this episode, Dr. Daniel S. Janik talks about Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching, Transformative Learning and spirituality. 


Dr. Daniel S. Janik is a retired physician, educator and author, and the owner of Savant Books and Publications/Aignos Publishing. In his "classic" publication: Unlock The Genius Within: Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching And Transformative Learning, Daniel argues for the existence of at least two distinct neurobiologically demonstrable learning pathways: traumatic and transformative learning. The power of transformative learning changes trauma and adds meaning to experiences as well as one's life. Dr. Janik has authored of over 80 publications under a variety of pen names and is the recipient of numerous awards. 

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