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5 Powerful Ways to Build Your Self- Confidence

“Hi. My Name is Hina Siddiqui. I am an Author, Blogger, and Life Coach. 

I am on a Journey. It may not have been easy and smooth, but it’s fun, evolving, and succeeding.

So proud that I have come this far. And it’s still on. Ever-growing, aspiring, and on purpose. 

If you want to grow with me, learning the lessons to make your life a masterpiece (that I have learnt the hard way), and achieve your own authentic Personal & Professional Success, Let’s Co-Travel.”



“It took me many years to identify a life of purpose that is unique to me. My sun shines a little brighter each day, and every single day is filled with huge excitement, trust, and so much to look forward to.” 

"We like confidence because it feels good and it gives us a sense of control. The alternative would be constant anxiety.   

To notice that voice in our head that running assessment we all have as we go about our lives. It’s way too critical.

We beat ourselves up for every perceived mistake.

What if Self-compassion gives us the benefits of self-confidence without the downside of delusion?

Self-compassion encourages us to acknowledge our flaws and limitations, allowing us to look at ourselves from a more objective and realistic point of view."  - Eric Barker

In this episode, Hina Siddiqui talks about "Five Powerful Ways to Build Your self-confidence."

Hina is an Author, Blogger, Life Coach, and Communication Trainer. She has written four books and she is the creator of some online courses. 

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