Zen Buddhist Monk, Author and Teacher at the Dharma Gate Zen Center in Michigan

Mindfulness — Compassion — Non-Harming Living

Venerable Hoden was ordained as a Samanera monk at Seonam-sa  Monastery in 2010 and as a Bhikkhu in 2016 in Seoul, Korea. He has studied and practiced Buddhism, Zen, Taoism and Japanese Martial Arts for over 35 years.

He currently acts as the Abbot and guiding teacher for Dharma Gate Zen Center in two locations in Michigan where he teaches contemporary Western Zen, from traditional Japanese and Korean Zen influences.

Dharma Gate Zen provides weekly Buddhist services, Dharma talks and meditation periods, as well as classes and retreats. It also hosts a Buddhist based addiction recovery program, a support group for anxiety and depression as well as multiple group activities around mindfulness, nature, Zen culture and arts.

Hoden Sunim graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Marygrove College in Detroit, and an Associates Degree in Buddhist Studies from Dong-Bang Seminary, South Korea. He is the author of two books: “Walk: A contemporary guide to the eightfold path” and “Awake: A contemporary guide to you.”