Zen Monk — Dharma Teacher at Providence Zen

Anger: A Form of Wisdom

“I met our Kwan Um School of Zen's Patriarch, Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1986 at the Cambridge Zen Center.  I moved to Providence Zen Center in 1987 and work there as House Master. 1997 I went to Korea sat a 90 day retreat afterwards I requested entrance into the Hangja program. A program in which I worked for one year at Hwa Gae Sa temple. And ordained a novice monk upon completion of a three-week intensive course at the end of the one-year HangJa training.  In 2003 I received Bhikkhu precepts.   I stayed in Korea until 2012 holding various temple positions and sitting a 90-day retreat twice a year.  One in the winter and one in the summer.   In 2012 I moved into PZC and become the Head Dharma Teacher.  I have been sitting the winter and summer retreats here also as Head Dharma Teacher and leading a Sunday Dharma Practice program.”