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Author, Marine Pilot, Lawyer, College Professor, College president, Bank President, Consultant, Father and Grandfather.

Grateful for and Appreciative of: A Definition of Love to Live By

“If I act in love because I am grateful for and appreciative of the object loved, then my heart is pure. My act can not be a quid pro quo.  My motives to act in love are honest.  My relationships with people are true and that is my understanding of the beginning of Paradise.  I believe my acts of love toward my God and my fellow travelers reflect compliance with the spirit of Scripture. Now the words of Love from First Corinthians no longer condemn but peal forth from the Bible like the sound of bells from a carillon. Love can never fail when the heart is grateful for and appreciative of the object loved.

I am grateful that you are reading these messages and encouraging me to write these words.  Now you know I can say with a pure heart . . . I love you . . . no strings attached.”


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