Inner and Outer Worlds Transformation

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Self-Responsibility — Change — Freedom

We invest a lot of energy trying to fix things that result from our surrender of responsibility over our own lives, due to feeling disempowered. All of the issues we currently face in our inner and outer worlds are the result of us having delegated that responsibility to others (partners, doctors, governments, politicians) and expecting them to fix things for us. That, in turn, comes from our early programming, which sets us up to believe that we are not powerful/good enough to orchestrate our own lives. – Olga Sheean

In this episode, Olga Sheean explores ways of reclaiming our autonomy by transforming our negative programs, creating new boundaries and making empowered choices that create a positive shift inside and out.


Olga Sheean is an empowerment catalyst—a sort of 'archaeologist of the mind', dedicated to excavating the deeper truth buried in every complex, amazing, powerful human being. Using her own unique framework for self-mastery, she specializes in identifying and transforming the negative subconscious programs that drive our circumstances, relationships, self-worth and success. She shows individuals how to reclaim their autonomy, leverage their magnetism, and transform crises and challenges into breakthroughs and strengths.


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