Intuitive, Medium, Angel CowGirl, Quantum Leaping Co-Pilot 

Angel Walks — Spirit Animal — Divination


Some dear beloveds have claimed that, if it were to exist, Intuitive, Medium and Quantum Leaping Co-pilot Jeannie would carry a Joyologist degree. Since childhood, she has received steady, insistent nudges from those so-called "invisible" realms to help others remember their joy and well-being birthrights.

From about the age of 13 months, Jeannie was keenly fascinated and active with all things Quantum and Spirit. As a little tyke, she eagerly shared those communications with animals as they expressed no fear of such happiness, possibility and healing. In her teen years, messages from the Quantum began to sneak out for people, too.

It was while Jeannie was living in Colombia and then later staying in Venezuela that those Angels and Guides began chiming in non-stop with very specific visions and suggestions for her purpose and direction. Upon her return to the US in 2000, she knew she had to get out of the way and let them take the reins.

One afternoon, an Eagle answered her thoughts, circling and landing nearby to confirm that, Yes!: It was time to start letting people know that she was available for her rather unconventional Angel messaging. What began as Angel walks evolved into both Angel walks and phone talks that now include guided Quantum Leaps with Jeannie.

Along with her profession in seeing and busting out desired reality blocks via her Quantum adventures, she is passionately involved with horses, dogs and all of nature, as well. Yoga and Kung Fu meditation are also favorite mind and body bending practices for her.

Currently, Jeannie, aka The Angel Cowgirl, is also writing a book with her A-list Quantum cohorts! Once they declare it is complete, she will be thrilled to share it with this extraordinary world!

Selamat Ja!

Be In Joy!