Worry about cholesterol. Avoid red meat. Eat whole grains. Ditch the yolk. Could it all be a lie?

We live in an era of health hype and nutrition propaganda, and we’re suffering for it. Decades of avoiding egg yolks, choosing margarine over butter, and replacing the real foods of our ancestors with low-fat, processed, packaged substitutes have left us with an obesity epidemic, ever-rising rates of chronic disease, and, above all, total confusion about what to eat and why. This is a tragedy of misinformation, food industry shenanigans, and cheap calories disguised as health food. It turns out that everything we’ve been told about how to eat is wrong. Fat and cholesterol are harmful to your health? Nope—they are crucial to your health. “Whole grains” are health food? Not even close.

Most people today are very deficient in most of the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K2) and would benefit greatly from the healthy dose that a couple of egg yolks a day can bring. In fact, egg yolks will keep the doctor away much more than the fructose-rich apples will. The cholesterol in them is also much needed, especially for children, menopausal women, elders or anybody with adrenal problems. On the other hand, egg whites are not such a nutritional powerhouse and can even cause problems for some people (monitor the way you feel after eating egg whites). Appreciate that tasty super-food without guilt and cook your eggs with grass-fed butter or virgin coconut oil. Starting your day with whole eggs will help regulate your blood sugar so you likely to eat less throughout the day. Eating eggs anytime of the day can assist people in losing weight because eggs are an easy way to get satisfying protein and healthy fats into the diet. Always buy organic eggs, laid by pastured chickens that do NOT eat soy.
Source: Eat the Yolks By Liz Wolfe