Boost your Heart, Brain, and Other Systems Vitality

CQ10 by itself is also known as ubiquinone. To benefit from the form of the nutrient needed to produce cellular energy and help you reduce the typical signs of aging, your body must convert the ubiquinone to ubiquinol.

Ubiquinol exists everywhere there is life.

The challenge you face as you age is this - your body levels of CoQ10 continue to diminish. In addition, your capability to convert CoQ10 to ubiquinol also declines.

CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplements can help you in many different ways to complement your healthy diet and energize your life.

** Coenzyme Q10 and Ubiquinol MUST KNOW Benefits: 

- Help you produce more energy for your cells.

- Act as a catalyst in your body's various chemical reactions, leading to the production of energy.

- Ignite your body's engine by jump-starting energy production in your cells.

- You'll enjoy your new-found energy and stamina levels.

** Heart health

- Help strengthen your overall cardiovascular system.

- Help maintain and balance the critical energy level needed in your body's most vital muscle... your heart.

- If you're passionate about life, you need an optimally-functioning heart.

-Act as an antioxidant to help protect you from free radicals

- Provide your body with added defense against oxidation stress to your cells, tissues, and organs.

- Help recharge other antioxidant nutrients to their active states -- and keep them working for you.

- You'll feel good about yourself, knowing you're taking steps to live a healthy life.

** Help you reduce the signs of normal aging

- Help you potentially feel more alert and responsive.

- By keeping blood levels high in CoQ10, help you maintain your vitality.    

- You're determined to feel young and full of life... don't let aging get the best of you.

- Help you maintain blood pressure levels within the normal range

- Promote healthy blood circulation in your body and a more efficient heart.

Research indicates maintaining proper levels of CoQ10 can help you maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Just by knowing you're taking more steps to take control of your health, you could feel more relaxed and less stressed out.

** Provide a boost to your immune system

- Help promote your healthy immune system.

- Help support your immune system by providing a defense against free radicals.

You'll feel great about yourself knowing you're taking action to potentially boost your immune system.

** Support your nervous system

- Help promote an active mind.

- Your brain is one of the most active organs in your body and requires uninterrupted energy.

- Nothing beats having an active mind to help you deal with all of life's challenges -- and to help you make healthy decisions for your family.

Now you know the power of CoQ10 and ubiquinol, and understand why I truly  believe they provide you with extraordinary benefits to complement your healthy diet.

I have been taking Ubiquinol from Nature Wise for a few years now - love the way it makes me feel! 


Source: Dr. Mercola /  Life Extension Mag