Leadership Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Speaker 

Good Leadership

High-Paying Careers

Meaningful and Enjoyable Life

Grace L. Judson has a vision of a world where people wake up looking forward to their workday because their jobs are meaningful, interesting, challenging, and even exciting. 

Her big question is, What if work was more fun?

Not just livable; not just bearable: fun. Work shouldn’t suck.  

The corporate life shouldn’t be a rat race.

It starts with the first-line manager and leader – and 60 percent of those new leaders shouldn’t fail in their first year. 

Drawing on 25 years of corporate experience – including 16 years of executive leadership – plus 15 years of training and coaching fledgling leaders, Grace works with first-line managers and leaders to help them create meaningful, enjoyable, high-paying careers as they learn the skills most in demand by the companies they work for.