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Candace George Conradi is a published author, founder of Writers Inner Circle. She established a live mic forum for writers, Storytellers Edge, in 2013. She was first published in 2006 and has since written and published her books independently. For the past six years, she worked privately with writers, many who completed their manuscripts and successfully Indie published their books. She has since returned to her own writing. 

A practitioner of Human Design, she has received formal training and is certified as a Living Your Design Guide. Human Design provides personal insight and a road map to navigate life as a unique and purposeful individual. For more information about how Human Design can benefit you, and how to connect with Ms. Conradi.


As a young woman, I had a female friend introduce me to the Unity faith. I had never had much guidance growing up and the minister became a father-figure for me, a teacher, and a mentor. With his guidance, I took the first step, on a very long journey, to transforming my life. Based on metaphysics, the Unity religion became the springboard to a lifetime of personal discovery. I was hungry to understand the human condition and so I read constantly. I studied the Tao Te Ching, Yogananda's life and work, exoteric writers from many different disciplines, learned the different nuances of different faiths and eventually found my own path. I was a devout student of astrology, my first esoteric dive into self-help, and explored my painful past with a variety of counselors.


Eventually, I had my first breakthrough healing experience when I met a counselor who practiced EMDR and EFT (the first, an eye movement therapy for trauma; the second: emotional focused therapy using tapping). Then, on my 60th birthday, my son gave me a Human Design reading. Studying, practicing, and experimenting with Human Design for nearly 6 years resulted in a profoundly deeper healing experience for me, one that has transformed my life completely. That gift of HD tied all the other work of my life together and made sense of a journey that had been, up to that point, filled with self-doubt, fear, and frustration.


In essence, Human Design demonstrates how awareness changes the game. It provides each person with their own "user's manual" or what I like to call their own "life map."  It has taught me to trust myself completely, helped me be comfortable in my own skin, to respect the journey other's are on and to trust my life's past, it's present, and yes, even my future. HD's science is exact, deep and complex and rarely if ever wrong. It is not a belief system and one cannot "learn" to do it ... it is meant to be experimented with and lived. The path is challenging but the rewards are continuous, deep, lasting and gratifying.


I have embraced my life as a writer and look forward to opportunities to guide others in living their own unique natures as a Living Your Design certified guide. There is no greater gift to give back to life than to live who we are completely, authentically and without apology. I have always been someone who wanted to offer hope to others that a beautiful life was possible to live. It is a gift that was given to me and I'd like to pass it on in any way I can.