Nutrition Healer, Author and Entrepreneur.

TOPIC: Superfoods — Resilience — Holistic Success

Interview Date: 4/12/19

Billy Merritt has devoted most of his adult life to the study and teaching of natural health and well-being. A frequent guest speaker, he has worked as a mountain-climbing guide and emergency medical technician in Yosemite, and taught nutrition, physical training, and yoga at the world-famous Ashram Health Retreat in the mountains near Malibu, California. But it was only after being diagnosed with a rare and dangerous brain condition that Billy really delved deeply into the connection between lifestyle and health. Today, his condition is in remission, to which Billy credits his diet, his physical fitness, and his lifestyle.

Billy’s priority now is sharing his knowledge so that others may learn the simple secrets for living an extraordinary life of health, well-being, and enhanced life-force. He has worked with thousands of people and his research and experience has led him to understand the protocols that he shares in the Infinity Health Manual, protocols that go well beyond nutrition and exercise.

Billy lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he operates Billy’s Infinity Greens, dedicated to providing elite blends of medicinal herbs and natural superfoods, all of which are known to have significant health benefits,  for thousands of people all over the world. Learn more about the Infinity Greens health-enhancing product line and connect with Billy at