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Emotional Intelligence — Fearless Intelligence — Relationship Management

Michael Benner is the author of Fearless Intelligence — The Extraordinary Wisdom of Awareness and the breakthrough self-awareness training, Internal Vigilance, commissioned by the Orange County California Sheriff’s Academy in Anaheim. He is also well known throughout Southern California for his popular “human potential” talk radio programs on KABC-AM, KLOS-FM, KLSX-FM, KCBS-FM, KRLA-AM, and most recently on KPFK-FM.

Michael has been a regularly scheduled speaker at the Whole Life Expo, the Philosophical Research Society, the Live and Learn Center, the Mind Skills Center in Los-Angeles, the Helix Center in Irvine, and the National Whole Health Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. In March, 2001, he was the keynote speaker for the 38th annual Glendale Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. He also speaks regularly for various businesses, public service organizations and college groups.




This episode is about emotional intelligence, self-awareness, emotional management (impulse control and assertiveness), empathy, and relationship management.

My guest is Michael Benner, the author of “Fearless Intelligence” – his book is about learning to recognize the destructive impact of heartache, irritation and frustration using awareness and intelligence — also, how to understand the hidden meaning of our hurtful emotions in order to release them.

As presented by Michael, Personal Development Strategies include self-awareness and emotional intelligence, stress management, critical thinking, and relationship management.

Besides his B.A. degree in Journalism and Broadcast Media Management from Michigan State University, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors has granted Michael lifetime certification as an instructor of Communication Arts.

Michael is well known throughout Southern California for his popular “human potential” talk radio programs.


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