Healer and President of the Brofman Foundation

Healing — Chakras — Consciousness

Annick discovered Martin Brofman's courses in 1989.

She got healed of neck pain, allergies. She learned so much in a few days about herself and the meaning of her life that she decided to quit her job as a social worker to devote herself to healing and teaching the Body-Mirror System and Vision Workshops methods that she has shared around the world since 1991.

Martin and Annick got married and lived together nearly 20 years. When Martin passed away in 2014 she continued his work and she is now the President of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing that they created together.

She continues to teach around the world along with 4 other instructors. She is the author of “Yoga for the eyes- Yoga for the Soul” published in French so far.