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Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Speaker 

Mindfulness — Healing — Personal Growth

Bill Epperly is an intuitive spiritual guide, healer and coach. He guides clients through the many stages of spiritual life, supporting them in their walk toward awakening. He lives in Chicago, near the shore of Lake Michigan, with his wife Claire. He works as a speaker, workshop leader and coach throughout the greater Chicago area.

Bill’s spiritual story began in early childhood when he had important experiences in nature. He has grown into a nature mystic who loves to experience communion with plants, animals, earth, water and sky. Out of his love for nature, he majored in biology in college before going on to earn a PhD in biochemistry. During graduate school he experienced an initial glimpse of non-dual consciousness that re-oriented his life away from biochemistry and towards spiritual seeking.

His spiritual journey has been about awakening and healing. Traumas he experienced as a child left imprints on his life and his ability to live easily in the world. He wrestled with anxiety, depression, self-doubt and a lack of basic trust for years. All his major spiritual experiences have had a healing aspect. Today, he still feels the residue of these challenges, but can point to many transformational moments that have fundamentally altered his experience of life.

Bill has extensive formal training in contemplative Christianity and Buddhism including three years of residential Korean Zen Buddhist training. He works with people of all spiritual orientations and offers a no-obligation initial consultation.