Evangelist, International Life Coach & Speaker, Author, and Self-Publishing Consultant

TOPIC: Church: A Place Where We Can Trust The People of God.

Interview Date: 4/06/19

Pamela’s mission is to encourage, equip and empower women and teens to align their spirituality with their success goals so that their lives are peaceful, purposeful, and productive.

She is an empowering speaker who has spoken on a variety of corporate platforms, church events, conferences, and panels. Focusing on spiritual and personal empowerment topics like: 10 Commandments of a positive church culture, Faith & Fashion (How to dress for church), Success & Spirituality (Setting personal goals that align with your purpose), Books Build Brands (7 Steps to Write, Publish, Brand & Market a book).

Pamela is a member of the National Association of Christian Ministers and the author of the book: The Doors of the Church Are Open: Staying Committed to Christ even when the Church fails you. She has also self-published some women empowerment life coaching books.