Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute, Creator of FasterEFT and eutaptics®

TOPIC: The Truth Behind Addictions

Interview Date: 3/28/19

Robert G. Smith as a seeker of truth for the better part of his life, Robert has learned many self-improvement processes and blended them into one powerfully simple and yet effective modality.

Robert has helped thousands of people around the world address their stresses relating to life challenges ranging from finances, weight / body image and procrastination, to the greater issues like grief / loss, anxiety, diseases- including Lupus, Lyme and cancer, along with substance abuse and addiction. He has volunteered for over twenty years in homeless shelters and drug rehabilitation centers.

Robert’s sincere passion, directness, and compassion have attracted thousands of students seeking solutions to life’s problems. He is an advocate of self-improvement and practices what he teaches, which he requires all practitioners to do the same.

His presence is well known, over 12 million video views on his YouTube channel, and frequent guest on many radio shows and pod casts. He offers an effective training program for those who wish to become practitioners (eutaptics®), and conducts webinars, transformational retreats, and training seminars internationally.

“You can live a stress-free life and be successful in everything you do. My goal is to give you the tools to live a happy and successful life.”