The book From Fear to “Love” is comprised of thoughts on self-care, non-duality, self-inquiry, and relational awareness. It brings to light how self-knowledge ignites the process of defining what “Love” is in our lives.


Fear holds us back from experiencing “Love” and joy.


We act and think a certain way, apprehensive of how “others” might view us or concerned that we won’t measure up to their expectations.


In truth, our way of loving is another way of being afraid.


We love so “others” won’t think we are bad. This way, no one will know what we really think or who we “think” we are.


Our way of loving, informed by our fear, ends up shaping us into something that is everything except “real, loving” people.


This brings us to a question: What would it look like to have no fear—to be fearless to “Love”?


It’s through becoming “Love” aware in the NOW that you can experience this fearlessness.


Love yourself so that you are free to “Love” “others.”


Imagine what the world would look like if each person “loved themselves” and “others.” Life would be much more fun and relaxed for “everyone”!


Being “Love” aware, while in the moment, brings well-being to the ever-present now.


Relationships are the most powerful way to experience “Love.”


“Love” simply is.


The more “Love” awareness we have, the more we can heal our own pain and suffering, and thus be in a position to assist in healing “others.”


By freeing yourself from negative responses and enjoying “just being,” your brain can change your mind, and your mind can change your brain.


What happens when you enjoy “just being”?


You are free, you are joyful, you are “Loving.”


Acting upon the virtues of “Love” is a moment-to-moment practice.


You won’t get it right every time; but there is no need to worry. When you make a mistake, you will experience compassion for yourself.


Become “Love” aware.


Every experience is a gift.


It takes courage to change.


The person you think you are expects everything to remain the same. “Love” expects you to return to it.


No one can tell you how to feel. You are your own leader, in charge of your emotions.


Return to “Love” and you will see the illusion of fear, of hate, of insecurities, of worthlessness, of anxiety, and all other similar emotions that serve as obstacles or catalysts to you recognizing who you really are.


Create your own opportunities for change by taking good care of yourself, practicing gratitude, self-inquiry, and acceptance.


Be All That You Are: “Love.”


*** From Valeria’s new book: From Fear to “Love.”  

Note: The words others, everyone, and themselves are in quotations because during deeper spiritual experiences, I felt an infinite connection to everything and to everyone. This is to say that energetically, there wasn’t any separation between me and the other.