The primary inspiration for writing the Fit for Joy book was the realization that—here and now—I was exactly where I was supposed to be in every way.


I realized that I was in perfect alignment with joy and always had been.


In other words, I understood that “Love” is our natural state of being and feeling “joy” is our natural state of living.


So, what had been holding me back from experiencing ‘liberated joy’ for almost forty years?


Fear and, more precisely, the fear attached to the story of my life - that was my guess back then, but I couldn’t understand it. Today, I know how “real” fear can seem to be when there is no understanding of “Love.”


Becoming “Love” aware (fearless to Love) is a complex wisdom concept that, when experienced, is the simplest thing you will ever come across because this wisdom (detached from concepts) has always been within you.


The mind can become anything: A field of thoughts driven by all kinds of fear, or a wonderful servant to “Love” awareness expressing life in so many unique ways.



We become who we THINK we are.

We ARE that, before thinking, before becoming.



With the influence of thoughts, we create “people” who are separated from “Love.”


To return to “Love” is to experience self-care, practice self-inquiry, and delve deeper into our relationships.


My wish is to continue exploring—along with “others”— this infinite complexity, simplicity, beauty, and mystery of life and “Love” within and through this body.


Joy is inseparable from the observance of the content of our conditioned mind and bodies. The mystery of it all is manifested into unconditional smiles.

*** From Valeria’s new book: From Fear to “Love.”